Welcome to Lemon

Situated in the heart of Claremont, Lemon provides an escape from the 'box' and proves there is much more to Claremont than just the Quarter and truth to the phrase, "seek and you shall find.."...

Lemon Lane is hidden at the back of Maude Jackson Lane (linking Bay View Terrace to Bunnings) provides an authentic 'Melbourne Laneway' exprience in the heart of Claremont. Venture down the lane, past the graffiti and follow the music to find one of Perths true hidden gems.

Open 7 days a week and with a full restaurant liquor licence, Lemon Lane has taken the original Lemon formula and evolved it into one of the leading cafe / bistro venues in the Western Suburbs.

Hours: Mon - Sat 7am - 3.00pm and Sundays 8am - 1pm

At Lemon there is no monopoly on good ideas and we take all feedback and comments seriously and welcome any input into how we can constantly strive to create a better experience whislt staying true to our principles.

Love Coffee.  Love Food.  Love Wine.  Love Lemon